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This is what happened:

Yesterday I sneaked into the ground zero hole.
Actually, I had no idea that this was possible, but I just passed the gate and walked down, and nobody really took notice. The first 3 levels down, everything is still quite messy, but the rest of the 119 below zero floors, are perfectly intact.
I took the speed elevator to go all the way to the bottom floor -121 to enjoy the view. It was a clear day and you could really see far away, all the way down, all of negative -Manhattan, the subways, the negative of the statue of Liberty, the roots of central park, really very nice.
I had a negative-coffee at the cafeteria and the white servant that worked at the counter, really thought I was telling here a joke when I said that all the positive had been blown away 2 years earlier.

Variante, bzw. eher ein Zitat, der 1. Fassung aus dem Jahr 2003, die damals auf dem Papierformat Letter, also auf 21,59 cm x 27,94 cm gezeichnet wurde

Diese Variante entstand im Herbst 2010 für die Gruppenausstellung Je mehr ich zeichne im Museum für Moderne Kunst Siegen vom 05.09.2010 bis zum 13.02.2011, bei der ich nur A4 grosse Blätter zeigen wollte...