These pages are by the draughtsman, Hannes Kater.
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What is a performer?
The same symbols keep reappearing in Kater’s drawings, each of which represents a sphere of meaning. Kater calls them performers.

According to Kater, these performers appear together as an ensemble -- on stage, on paper, in a stage set and on other lines and surfaces.

The following is a comprehensive list of performers.
Most recent performers

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(< 1998). 'do, work, produce, doing, making plans and carrying them out'.
Attention: appears in two versions!
Ill. of performer reminds one a sawhorse.
a) traditional form (spatial and with energy line(s))
b) more recent short version
  Hannes Kater: Was tun - Darsteller Nr. 29 (Variante a und b) spacer
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(< 1999). 'Money, greed, property, wealth, profit-driven thinking'.
Ill. The shape is derived from a peanut; in many variations with and without any drawing on the inside.
Hannes Kater: Geld - Darsteller Nr. 30 (mit Binnenzeichnung)

Hannes Kater: Geld - Darsteller Nr. 30 (ohne Binnenzeichnung)
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